At Green Business HQ, we believe that the most effective solutions begin on a local level.

We are passionate about working alongside the public sector in order to create policy action that really makes a difference on a local, regional, and national scale.

Often dealing with both local government, public sectors and relevant industry corporations within singular projects, our team are experts in consolidating multiple goals and interests to deliver results that are a win-win for all involved.

Our Experience

In 2017 Green Business HQ was contracted by Auckland Council to project manage delivery of the Energy Efficient Communities Project – a partnership project between Auckland Council, Vector and Entrust. This project delivered home health checks to over 600 homeowners in Auckland’s Papakura and Takanini areas.

Homeowners received up to $1,200 worth of energy saving devices, as well as practical advice on how to save money and make their homes warmer and dryer. Solar systems and batteries were also installed into community facilities to help build better energy resilience within the community.