Stars sustainable business programme 2021

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Green Business HQ brings you the STARS Sustainable Business programme for 2021. The programme runs for six months from September 2021 until February 2022. The programme is designed to increase business capability in environmental and sustainability related-practices towards the creation of a zero carbon economy.

Those selected for the 2021 programme will be chosen for their potential to reduce their environmental impact, and their level of commitment to becoming more sustainable businesses.

The programme is open to any Auckland based business

You will access:

      • An initial coaching session and on-site assessment
      • Expert sustainability advice
      • Develop your own personal roadmap to become a more sustainable brand
      • Identify key actions, goals, sustainability commitments and certifications and
      • Access tools to monitor your businesses procurement, carbon, energy, water and waste

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Register your interest below to become a part of the 2021 STARS programme .

Next programme starts September 2021

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Case Studies

Kings Plant Barn, st Lukes

Completed the STARS Sustainable Business Programme in 2018 and has since continued to grow as a sustainable business. Through STARS Kings Plant Barn in St Lukes committed to:

  • 150,000 less plastic bags per annum
  • 27% reduction in waste to landfill
  • 100% organic waste composted by 2020
  • 100 less tonnes of carbon emissions each year as a result of  composting all garden waste
  • Plan Bees programme for promoting bee-friendly garden plants

Rocky’s Cafe, MT albert

Completed the STARS programme in 2018 as “they didn’t want o to be just another business destroying the environment”. With this in mind Green Business HQ helped Rocky’s come up with four main sustainability goals:

  • 672 litres of vege scraps, food waste, tissues and coffee filters diverted from landfill for composting each year
  • 400 less plastic straws to landfill each year
  • Working towards 1,300 less coffee cups to landfill each year
  • More locally grown tomatoes and herbs served with zero food miles