The conversation around plastic waste has been heating up, with many consumers demanding that businesses phase out single-use plastics or stop using plastic altogether. It is with good reason too, as it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

At the same time, recycling and waste reduction is becoming more challenging as China closes its doors to overseas recycling, stranding New Zealand recyclers without a market for collected material.

This, combined with widespread confusion over the identification of materials and limited communication between government and industry regarding regulations, means that material choices for both packaging and products can weigh heavily in both company and consumers minds.

That’s where we come in. Green Business HQ has extensive experience and knowledge of the New Zealand plastics industry, and can help your company navigate the best way to care for the planet –  from the materials you buy to the way you recycle. Your company and its reputation is in good hands.

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Case Study

As the Environmental Manager for Plastics New Zealand, Green Business HQ’s founder Carolyn Cox gained in-depth expertise in sustainability consultancy for plastic manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Carolyn also acted as a Consultant with the Plastics Pipes Industry Association, where she implemented the PVC plastic pipe Best Practice Guidelines in New Zealand. This scheme included the elimination of lead additives and detailed supply chain audits that eliminated environmentally harmful practices whilst also establishing product take back schemes that would enable the recycling of eligible products.